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My heart goes out to you, if you have a nagging back problem or even discovered you have a bulging disc; they can be the worst. It doesn’t matter how you got it but once you have it, you need to do something about it. And fast!

I’ve created this blog to provide real reviews on products to help with back and neck pain. ( This blog does not serve as professional medical advice, and I always advise people to seek professional medical help when necessary.) This site is to focus on pain management and experience, if you want to hear more about my personal story you can do that in the about me section here.


A few of the areas of pain management we will look into are as follows:


Inversion Therapyinversion_table_reviews

In comes inversion therapy. Or you may need an inversion therapy after your heavy impact workouts. Either way, if your quest has lead you to consider buying an Inversion Table, there are things that you need to know before you buy. Your decision can make the difference between well-being and more serious injury.
Comfort and safety are the foremost aspects that you need to consider before making your pick.

For an inversion table to be safe, it has to have a sturdy make and should have a weight capacity much greater than what you weigh.

The sturdier the model and higher the load bearing capacity the safer the Inversion Table is. But this isn’t all, there are other features to consider as well.

A safe, comfortable Inversion Table will have sophisticated multi-locking features, to ensure your safety and ease-of-use. Look for an Inversion table that comes with a good, rubberized grip underneath too. You don’t need a tumble while you stretch out.

The preset and customization angles of tilt can affect comfort as well as safety. An angle that isn’t comfortable for you can aggravate your back pain rather than cure it. There are models that give you preset angles all the way up to 180 degrees. Straps to manage the table are of old design. The new models use side inversion pins that are easier to use.

There are new models with easy-to-use ankle locking systems that can be very useful for you when you are setting up. If you are having trouble bending and reaching up to lock your ankles, this system can certainly come in handy.

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Tens Unitsbest tens machine

When you have not found any solace for your chronic back pain, you might want to consider getting yourself a Tens Units. These nifty devices send electric signals to the nerve centers, drowning out the pain with alternate sensations.

Call it a form of electrical therapy, the device has found many users who would vouch for its ability to mitigate pain.
Tens Units have become a staple part of electrode-therapy in many centers, and you can pick one up for your personal use to give your chronic back pain a much needed relief.

The good thing about Tens is that one can go about looking for safety concerns and find little to none. The commercial units use weak electric currents that can hardly cause any safety hazard to human beings. Nor have there been any known cases of Tens Units making the pain worse.

As far as the comfort of using one is concerned, it’s all in the experience and may vary from person to person. But the stimulation to your nerves can relieve the pain by giving alternative sensations that suppress the pain.

While buying a Tens Units always look for a lightweight, easy-to-use model. The better ones out there come with pre-programmed treatment modes, and customization for different body parts to be treated.

Most units come with Dual channel stimulation, working in tandem or individually to give the desired effect. Choose a model that has isolated channels, so that you can control the intensity and mode for each channel separately.

When you need to work on your shoulder and your lower back simultaneously this will surely come in hand. This brings me to the next point – choose one that has long, tangle free cables that connect the pads.

Trust me, it will be easier for you to use. Also just make sure that your model lets you adjust the duration of the treatment, because that can surely be less inconveniencing if the automatic duration settings are too lengthy for your comfort.

All in all, the models out there give reasonably good durability and the price varies from under $100 to a few hundred depending on the quality, make and features available.

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Memory Foam Mattressesmemory foam mattress reviews

Memory Foam was created by NASA in the sixties. What makes a Memory Foam Mattress is the material that goes inside the mattress called Viscoelastic.

It’s the viscoelasticity of the Foam that gives it the unique contouring and hugging properties while you sleep.

Memory Foam Mattresses are good for your lumbar support and it can give you back pain relief if it supports some of the pressure points in your body.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, people with back pain can benefit from the use of the contouring property of the Memory Foam Mattress. This is contrary to the popular belief that firm surfaces offer better respite to back pain.

There are a few considerations you need to give before you choose your brand of Memory Foam Mattress.

If you want your Memory Foam Mattress to last longer, choose one that comes with high density memory foam. Density is a measure of the quality or rather the quantity of memory foam that’s present in a given thickness of the foam.

Well, here let me clarify that density is not the same as thickness. For two mattresses of same thickness, the amount of foam in the layer can vary with the density. Look for the density and choose the higher density mattress for longer life and better contouring.

But make sure that it isn’t too dense as to create heat retention issues. Ideally, try one out at a friend’s and choose your own ideal fit. While choosing the Mattress, the thickness of the memory foam is important as well.

Of course, thicker foams have better contouring effect and will not let you feel the harder support foams underneath it. Try out before you buy.

A major issue with the Memory Foam Mattress is its heat retention capacity. Well, it’s your body heat that helps the mattress contour to the outline of your body but they also act as a heat sink and capture the heat inside.

Therefore, while you choose your Memory Foam Mattress, choose newer versions that uses uniformly integrated gel or gel foam to mitigate the heat absorbed by the mattress. Or you can go for open cell memory foam, which captures air pockets inside the memory foam during manufacturing, making it less heat retentive.

These two types also combat the other issue with Memory Foam Mattresses, which is its responsiveness. If you like your sleep with a bit of tossing and turning Memory Foam Mattresses with low responsiveness can give you the feeling that you are stuck in a trap.

Choose your Memory Foam Mattress wisely and it can give you a great sleep and pain relief.

Posture Bracesbest-posture-corrective-brace

If you have bad posture, the toughest things on your correctional journey is remembering and having a physical support to your spine.

Posture Braces offer the physical support and gently reminds you to correct your posture. Posture Braces can help you manage back pain as well, if the pain is connected to posture-related issues.

Posture Braces are made from a choice of materials. Most are made from stretchable materials like spandex while there are others which are made from non-stretchable materials like cotton.

It does matter what material you choose, some can be quite uncomfortable for some people. But this depends on personal preference rather than anything else.

Posture Braces come in different sizes from small to XXL and there are ones that are one size fits all. The one size fits all have adjustable straps and one ought to have a trial to ensure suitable fit.

While some Posture Braces are slip-ins, others have hooks and loops or snap buckles. Most of the Posture Braces that are in use are unisex braces but gender-specific posture braces are available too.

The material, size and the type of fitting certainly affects the comfort of using one. You need to have a thorough trial before you find the perfect match for you. The struggle to stand erect can be a tough one; you don’t need the aggravation of a bad posture brace making your life more difficult.

There are posture braces that can be worn underneath your regular wear and there are ones that can only be worn outside. I think, I can safely guess that most of us would want a posture brace that can be worn underneath and is nicely concealed from prying eyes of your colleagues or associates.

Lastly, while shopping for a posture brace make sure that the one you have your eye on, is machine washable or hand washable according to your preference. You don’t want to be stuck with one that can only be hand washed, when you clearly prefer to machine wash your wearable.

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Neck/Back Pillowsbest pillow for shoulder pain

You have a long flight and how your neck is supported while you nap on your extra-long flight can be the cause of nagging pain in your neck and back.

Or if you already suffer from a back pain, sleeping can become really uncomfortable while traveling or on your normal bed.

It will make you uncomfortable as hell, if you spend your waking hour’s neck or back pain. Your job gets affected, so does your mood.

Neck/back pillow can help you have a comfortable and pain-free sleep while you are on the move or in your own bed.

While choosing a Neck/back pillow, just hold back and think what need it serves you. There are neck/back pillows that are perfect for travel but are pretty useless when it comes to regular lie-down-on-the-ground sleep and there are ones that are great for normal sleep but not good for travel.

Now, you can also choose a great go-between option too; they can give you reasonable support during travel as well as for normal sleep. Good neck and back support reduces back pain, no matter how you sleep.

Another thing that you need to consider about your neck/back pillow is the shape. The best ones support your neck and shoulders or back with memory foam packed inside. If they are shaped right, they are quite effective without the memory foam as well. Before you select a U-shaped one, just make sure that, it indeed the most comfortable option for you.

If you need the pillow for travel then you must give weight and size of the neck/back pillow a consideration too. You don’t want a pillow weighing a stone in your travel kit, not unless you are prepared to shell out precious dollars for additional baggage. There are good ones that weigh as less as three or four ounces and are self-inflatable. Fast self-inflatable neck/back pillows are in high demand among travelers; well, of course, you know why.

If you are using the pillow during travel, you might want to take a look at the back of your neck/back pillow. Your pillow needs grip on slippery surfaces of the seat to support your uninterrupted sleep on an upright seat.

There are many new designs that come across as rather cutting edge, but truth is that it’s strictly user’s personal experience and one cannot make a choice before you give some of them a trial. But do keep in mind; some of these models can really get hot once you start using them. Make your choice wisely and these bad boys can give you a great nap with back pain relief or they can aggravate your ache-storm when you wake up.