Hi, My name is Kurt Michael, and I am the creator of The Back Source.

A little about me, I was diagnosed with Sheurman’s Kyphosis when I was 13 years old, and struggled with severe back pain growing up. The Kyphosis got worse and worse over time, and so did the pain.

At the age of 20 I underwent a massive spinal reconstructive surgery in order to correct the spinal deformity. I ended up getting 13 vertebrae fused, and grew 4″ in an 8 hour operation!

Few years later I ended up having severe lower back pain, and herniated 3 disks, under went another surgery to fix that, and 1 year later had the same surgery again.

So 3 total spine surgeries so far at the ripe age of 30.

The main reason I have created this website is to help offer advice and products that can help with pain management. Back pain can be extremely debilitating and really take over your life and mess up many more areas than just your physical health as constant pain can wreak havoc on your mental state as well.

If anyone can get some pain relief from any of the reviews or products I have used in the past than that to me is a huge win!

So to your health, and pursuit of a pain free back,


Kurt Michael-

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