Inversion Table Reviews The Comprehensive Details Of The Teeter EP-560

Inversion tables are designed to offer a plethora of benefits. From regular back pain victims to professional athletes, inversion tables help to resolve a host of problems. People who want to prevent back surgeries or are tired of medication side effects can benefit a lot by using inversion tables. Do you know that hanging upside down remains a Herculean task? It will be safe to use an inversion table to accomplish your upside down activity for a better result. Inversion tables help to prevent unnecessary injuries and keep you safe in a time of need. Is your quest for inversion table reviews? Are you pondering on the benefits of reading through inversion table reviews? In this content, you will be able to discover why an inversion table is designed and some important benefits that users can enjoy from it.

Why Are Inversion Tables Used:


1. Relieves Herniated Disc Pain And Repairs Herniated Discs:

A soft disc is a primary material that helps to separate every vertebra in your backbone. These discs help to provide enough space for your nerves from the spinal cord to the end of the backbone without any problems. These discs also act as the shock absorbs to your body.

Gravity often pulls on the discs and vertebrae when you sit during the day or walk around. This will make the vertebrae to be forced together and lead to compression of the discs. When the jelly like material of the disc gets out of place between two vertebrae, herniated discs occur.

This will only put more pressure on your spinal cord. Herniated discs are also called ruptured or slipped discs. When your nerves are pinched, herniated discs will occur, leading to severe pain. Medical experts may recommend surgery when the pain impairs your daily tasks or becomes too much to bear.

With an inversion table, you will no longer live with the agony or pain from herniated discs. Inversion tables will help to decompress your vertebrae, making the herniated disc to go back to its original position. This will help to get rid of pressure from your pinched nerves, eliminating or lowering the pain you suffer.

There will be an increase of circulation in your disc through decompression. This process will lead to extra oxygen flow and removal of waste products. When this occurs, there will be a quick healing of your ruptured disc. At this juncture, it is unequivocal that an inversion table can be used to get rid of herniated disc.

If you have been suffering from a ruptured disc, simply buy an inversion table today to get rid of the pain. Inversion tables will help vertebrae to function properly and remain in the proper position.

2. Discourages The Need For Any Back Pain Surgery:

Back pain has led many people to use the last option of surgery to treat themselves. Surgery may need a couple of months for recovery and can as well be painful. It is important to know that surgery may not guarantee that your back pain will subside over a long period. Even with surgery, you may end up suffering the same pain from the initial stage.

The beauty of using an inversion table is that it will help to get rid of your back pain totally. In a couple of weeks, an inversion table will make you free from back pain. Using inversion tables will eliminate the need for having any surgery.

If you are liable to back pain, then using an inversion table on a regular basis will help to resolve the problem. Victims of back pain will sleep well after using an inversion table. Irrespective of the years you have been suffering from back pain, an inversion table will bring back your sanity in an ephemeral of time.

More importantly, there will not be the need of having a surgery when attacked by back pain. On this note, it is clear that inversion tables are designed to help you overcome the risk of having a surgery. Give an inversion table a try today to fix the problem of your nagging back pain.

3. Helping To Get Rid Cervical Spinal Stenosis Complications:

When the spinal cord becomes narrow in the edge of your vertebrae, cervical spinal stenosis occurs. It causes pain and stiff neck that can reflect at your back and shoulders. When osteoarthritis damages the cartilage and a thickening of the ligaments occurs, cervical spinal stenosis is imminent.

In some cases, both of these effects can be reversed and eliminated simply by using inversion tables for a couple of minutes daily. Using an inversion table will help to relax and slowly stretch your ligaments. It will also help to flush out the toxins accumulated in the cartilage area. In fact, an inversion table will help to nourish your cartilage.

Can you see the wonders of using an inversion table? Apart from helping you to have a successful workout, inversion tables are excellent to get rid of cervical spinal stenosis complications. If you are having a stiff neck or painful shoulder, it is time to give an inversion table a try. It is easy to use and guarantees the elimination of any cervical spinal stenosis complication you experience in time past.

Even if your ligaments are shaky and weak, an inversion table will help to bring a long-lasting positive effect, time and again.

4. Gets Rid Of Sciatic Nerve Pain:

inversion table for sciatica

medical illustration of symptoms of the sciatica

From outright pain to numbness to strangle tingling sensation, sciatic nerve complications can be difficult to treat. Sciatic nerve complications usually emanate from your lower back and move across the buttocks and later into the upper leg. It is simply because the complication moves through the entire distance of the sciatic nerve. The pain can be used from one of the following problems:

A. Tight contract muscles in your lumbar region pressing too strong against the sciatic nerve

B. Lower pain caused by a herniated disc in your lumbar region

C. Pregnancy putting pressure on your sciatic nerve

D. Lumber spinal stenosis that narrows the canal in your hip region

E. Spondylolisthesis

F. Muscle imbalances

Note: Buying an inversion table will help to get rid of sciatic nerve pain.

If your problems emanate from any of the above-listed scenarios, an inversion table will help to relieve sciatic nerve pain. If you are a pregnant woman, it is highly important to contact your medical expert.

This will help to resolve issues with immediate effect. Sciatic nerve pain can be nagging and troubling if you do not take an immediate action. In fact, it can lead to other health complication if you do not act fast.

The true solution is by using an inversion table. Using an inversion table will not only help you gain a quick recovery but keep your body balance, time and again. Inversion tables are designed to be versatile and flexible.

The flexibility and material of an inversion table will help to relieve any sciatic nerve pain you are currently experiencing. It also guarantees your quick recovery from any nagging lower back pain or into the shoulder.

5. Reducing Pain From Scoliosis And Correcting Scoliosis:

Scoliosis remains a bad curvature or bending of your spine. It can occur with either a C or S shape in the body. While it may be difficult to resolve any problem associated with scoliosis, inversion tables have shown positive impacts. With an inversion table, you can easily correct scoliosis and even reduce to the lowest level.

6. Prevent Osteoarthritis And Reducing Osteoarthritis Pain:

Twenty-seven million Americans are affected by osteoarthritis. This deadly disease can attack anyone who may be liable to accumulate fats in the body. When osteoarthritis occurs, it can lead to the damaging of the cartilage in your joints.

This is often caused by a physical wear & tear or inflammation. The cushion will become thin when the cartilage wears away. This will further lead to a scrapping bone in the body, which is very painful.

Osteoarthritis can mainly attack the shoulders, hips, knees, hands, and backbone. Using an inversion table will help to prevent osteoarthritis without any difficulties. Even if you have been affected by this deadly disease, an inversion table will help to reduce the negative effects.

Instead of spending tons of dollars for surgeries or medications, you can use an inversion table to get rid of your osteoarthritis today. These tables will tap deep into the area where you experience pain and reduce the negative effects.

Benefits Of Using An Inversion Table:

The benefits of using an inversion table are enormous. From respiratory system to pain to circulatory system to the physical fitness, the benefits of using an inversion table are endless. Below are some simple benefits of using an inversion table.

Circulatory System:

1. Enhances circulation
2. Enhances heart function
3. Increases varicose veins


1. Reduces headaches
2. Gets rid of herniated disc pain
3. Lowers sciatic nerve pain
4. Reduces cervical spinal stenosis complications
5. Reduces osteoarthritis pain
6. Removes scoliosis pain
7. Removes fibromyalgia signs
8. Eliminates the need for a back pain surgery


1. Enhances your physical appearance
2. It also displays some anti-aging effects

Immune And Digestive System:

1. It aids digestion
2. Inversion tables enhance lymphatic system function
3. It bolsters the immune system
4. Revitalizes your internal organs

Physical Fitness:

1. It improves your flexibility posture
2. Improves posture
3. Improves your joint health
4. Realigns your spine after any routine workouts
5. It facilitates recovery after exercises
6. It makes your ligaments stronger
7. It enhances your sleep quality
8. Increases energy and lowers fatigue
9. Regain or gain height

Respiratory System:

1. Improves your lung performance
2. It helps clear sinuses
3. Inversion tables will make you breathe easier

Mental Health:

1. It lowers stress
2. It helps to keep people on alert
3. Inversion tables can help reduce sadness, swings mood and depression
4. Boosts creative thinking
5. Lowers PMS signs

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Inversion Table:

1. Frame: Inversion tables come with foldable or static frames. It is great for storage and home use. For users, you will discover that inversion tables specify maximum and minimum weight and height.

2. Materials: Inversion tables are designed from high carbon steel. Ensure not to buy inversion tables made from low-quality plastic materials. This can be hazardous to your health condition.

3. Comfortable Back Pads: Users can find inversion tables with either thick or thin back pad. Most comfortable inversion tables are the ones with thick pads. In fact, you can find some inversion tables with a notch at the upper section. This will help you to rest well putting your face down or up. For an easier exercise, some inversion tables can as well come with removable back pads.

4. Adjustable Clamps: Users can sit or stand on a platform with a secure clamp around the ankles. Since no two people have the same feet, you can simply adjust the clamp for comfort.

5. Controllable Inversion Degree: It is eminent that inverting must be accomplished slowly. For this reason, it is important to buy an inversion table that comes with controllable inversion degrees. Even at thirty degrees, you will be able to begin inversion again.

6. Motor: Users will be able to rotate the bed in economy-oriented fitness inversion tables. Power inversion tables are often categorized as premium models. With the flick of a switch, you will be able to move in any direction.

The Teeter EP-560 Review:best_inversion_table

The Teeter EP-560 remains one of the best inversion tables that you can find online today. The product can accommodate people who are up to 6’6” tall and displays a three hundred pound weight capacity.

One thing that makes the Teeter EP-560 unique is its innovative and cool features. Reading through the inversion table reviews will help you discover the great features of this product.


1. It is easy to set up

2. The product comes with innovative accessories and bed

3. It provided a smooth operation to users

4. The device uses DVD and top-notch assembly

5. It has easy storage and fold up


1. Bending over to secure ankle clamps may be extremely difficult

2. The ankle clamps of the product needs more work


Storage: Folding the EP-560 is not a Herculean task. With just a couple of seconds, you will be able to fold the product. Users can easily store the EP-560 behind a door or in a closet. The ease of storing the product is because the EP-560 comes with top-notch materials. Ensure to be careful when moving the product because it is heavy.

Capacity: The EP-560 has the capability to contain individuals between 4’8” and 6’6” tall. The product comes with a maximum users weight of three hundred pounds.

Design: When talking about the design, the EP-560 is created with unique styling features. The quality of this brand is highly certified and accredited in the entire industry.

Build Quality: Heat-treated carbon steel is the primary material used in the fabrication of the product. It comes with special squeak-free pivot bearings and auto-locking hinges. This implies that the EP-560 has a long durability capability than normal inversion tables.

Set Up: To assemble this inversion table is not a difficult task. Users will get the product in its pre-assembled stage. The EP-560 simple instruction kit will help you finish up the setup process. Normally, it will take you an average of twenty minutes to assemble the product. This means that you have the opportunity to also adjust the settings of the EP-560 to your preference with respect to height and weight.

Ankle Support: The product is designed with a comfortable dial and effective pressure-lowering foam ankle locks. These items will fit your ankles easily without causing any problem. When you invert, this feature will help to lower the pressure on your ankles. When compared to other inversion tables, the product will provide you with less discomfort.

Inverting: It is one of the easiest devices that you can depend on, over and over again. From folding the product to setup, the EP-560 is easy to use. During the inversion process, you will discover how comfortable, smooth and easy to use the device. Even when inverting and returning to your original position, the product will not cause any harm. The flexibility and maneuverability of the device are excellent. It ensures that airflow to the back when used. There is no competition when comparing the EP-560 with other inversion tables with respect to the back straps. This implies that users can move in any direction when using the device without fear or doubt. It helps to reduce back pain and ensure that your position is maintained.

Safety: When using any inversion table safety is the most important factor to consider. The EP-560 is tested and confirmed to be safe when used. It operates with the UL testing standard. This implies that the safety of the user is guaranteed when using the device. It comes with endurance and sturdy features to keep your safe when used. Experts like chiropractors, doctors, engineers, everyday users, and athletes are consulted before designing the product. This makes you have access to the most upgraded inversion table in the market. The design of the device is solid to ensure that users are safe and secure. Remember that you are giving your neck and back to a device when in the state of inversion. The EP-560 is the best inversion table that guarantees your neck and back in the state of upside down. The device is designed with Flex technology which guarantees safety and total protection.

Warranty: The product comes with 5-year warranty, which happens to be one of the longest you can find with products in this category.

Extra Key Features:

1. It is designed with inbuilt stretch grips. This helps you to flex with your movements to any degree.

2. The ComfortTrak bed is magnificently designed to help users adjust the device easily. The bed is innovative and sophisticated to make users invert to any desired angle.

3. The adjusting strap system is classic. The strap system of the device is effective, safe and simple.

The EP-560 FAQ:

1. How Can the Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table Help You?

The device will help users in several ways.

A. It strengthens your back

B. It helps to relieve back pain

C. It improves your posture and muscle strength

D. This inversion table relieves muscle and joint stress

E. It will help to decompress your spine, making blood to flow smoothly

F. It reduces stress

G. It helps users stay in shape

I. Reducing your sleep problems

2. What Is The First Thing To Notice About The Product?

The inversion bed is the first thing that users will notice about the product. It is called ComforTrak because when you stretch this feature flexes. This will also help to accommodate a greater level of movement

3. What Is The Cost Of The EP-560?

The product can cost anywhere from three hundred dollars. However, each selling outlet may decide to add some extra fees for purchasing the product.

4. Where Can Someone Buy The Product?

The product is categorized under heavy-duty items. For this reason, it is important to buy the product by browsing the internet. is a good platform to purchase the product at an affordable price. You can see the product here.

5. What Is In The EP-560 Instruction Kit?

The instruction kit will help you understand everything about the product. With the EP-560 instruction kit, you will learn how to use the device. It will only take you a couple of minutes to set up the product by following the instruction kit. The instruction kit also helps to show users how to use the inversion table properly for both core workouts and decompression purposes. The EP-560 comes with a laminated manual guide. There is also an instructional DVD that will help you do a quick 10-20 minutes workout. The EP-560 is an amazing product for both experienced and newbie users.


From the comprehensive inversion table reviews in this article, it is unequivocal that the Teeter EP-560 remains one the best products to buy. It is durable, easy to use and affordable. It is easy to assemble and comes with a sturdy construction. Smooth operation, innovative accessories & bed, easy storage and fold up features make the product different from other inversion tables. It uses DVD to help you understand how the product works. If you are looking for a reliable and sturdy inversion table, then give the Teeter EP-560 a try. You will be excited for investing in this inversion table.